Trond K & the Serious Issues - Manchurian Monkeys
Manchurian Monkeys out NOW!
From the outskirts of the outskirts comes a man with layers and layers of experience hiking the dark woods of the social injustice in human consciousness;
Trond K & his staunch men: the Serious Issues, has buckled up, belted in and tucked down in the molds of Our Brave New World.
Attending the recording, sum of the country’s most beleaguered and reputed musicians´ has been longing to play and record them songs with the scraping, rumbling voice of this poet, this Jumal Etziem of Lo-fi Americana.
This noble hobo best described as a young relic torn and worn, made of excavated pinewood:
In his left hand his trusty instrument in his right a pair of foxes ears, face and a claw. Ready to tell his story starting  with  a set of songs set to degorge the smug  champagne -face of the middle class for ever.
In this toil world The Manchurian Monkey is a sincere record, fuming of hopes if there ever was one, like the scorching smell of knuckles on white coal.
If you´re one of those smucks who wouldn’t know why Klykken clenches his fist in awe against times like these,
and the men responsible - the wellpissers,
well then, maybe you´re one of them?

Trond K is a sinner/songwriter based in Bergen, Norway. Since the release of The Grand Vacation, Trond K has honed the tounge-in-cheek doom and gloom in his songs on a frowzy whetstone.
Although the recordings were done with an almost entirely new crew, the outlandish and distraught style hasn't diminished a bit; spanning from utmost despair to random comedy.
These eleven cats voluntarily throw themselves into the river tucked in a dirty sack , well aware of the looming waterfall ahead.
Enjoy this release!

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A high-resolution version of the single "Black Cadillac" can be downloaded here. A high-resolution picture of the "Manchurian Monkeys" cover can be downloaded here